Server Management

From physical in-house servers to hosted virtual servers, we design, host, secure, support, and maintain. We also work with your software vendors to ensure the most reliable and secure environment for your team to work efficiently.

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The Seventh Wall Approach


Our team monitors security issues, patches, hardware failures, software glitches, and more. Prevention is our way to keep servers running well.
  • Hardware failure alerts
  • Intrusion alerts
  • Daily event monitoring
  • Daily backup monitoring


Our Endpoint Detection and Response cybersecurity tools plus our daily, off-site backup mean we can protect and restore at the highest level.
  • Managed & monitored AV softwareware
  • Web content filter
  • Heuristic threat detection
  • Access monitoring
  • Log File Analytics


Any server issues cost Seventh Wall money and cost you downtime. Our management recipe is strong and keeps both of our companies profitable and happy.
  • Daily event-based fixes
  • Monthly scheduled maintenance
  • Planned updates & reboots


Usually, we know there is a server issue before you do. Should a problem arise, we handle it.
  • Remote fixes
  • Data recovery assistance
  • Migration/upgrade help
  • Cloud Ready Solutions
Best-in-class solutions

How Seventh Wall Benefits Your Business


Our proactive management will keep your server running reliably for many years. We don’t do things any other way.

Data Protection

With 24/7 backup & EDR monitoring as well as daily backup versions stored off-site, your data is safe from both loss and theft.


It is unlikely that your company will have any server issues, but if you do, we are a quick call or email away.


Our on-staff server gurus keep you secure with encryption, managed cybersecurity, MFA, SSO, permission management and more.


A lightning strike should not shut down your whole company. Using hosted servers or multi-location redundancy, it will not.

White Glove

We will design, install, and maintain any server configuration that makes sense for your business. We’ll even help you go completely cloud-based if that’s what’s best for your company.