Seventh Wall specializes in helping Virginia businesses recover from ransomware attacks and collaborates on remediating high-profile hacks featured in the news. Experience has taught us two crucial lessons: preventative measures cost much less than recovering from an attack, and consistent vigilance is key. We blend expert solutions with top-quality tools, backed by a robust $2,000,000 Ransomware Remediation Warranty, to offer superior cybersecurity protection.

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The Seventh Wall Approach


We deploy tools and systems on your workstations, servers, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace instances, networks, websites, and more.
  • Server & workstation managed EDR
  • 365 & Workspace security
  • Network layer analysis
  • Network pentesting
  • Advanced spam protection
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Password Management Tool


We monitor our EDR cyber tools, network alerts (IPS & IDS),MFA enablement, email redirects, computer security alerts, software patch installation, and much more. Even the successful installation of software patches.
  • Monitored MFA
  • 24/7/365 EDR SOC
  • EDR Dashboard Management
  • Email Settings Monitoring
  • Out-Of-Date Asset Management


Ransomware attacks ALWAYS try to destroy your data backups to force payment. Seventh Wall’s daily immutable backups cover every file, email, calendar item, network configuration, etc.
  • File & Image Backups
  • Daily Off-Site Snapshots (60+ Days)
  • M365 & Google Workspace Backups
  • Critical Software & System Backups
  • Military-Grade Encryption


A phone call or email away, we’re ready to assist however we can and, should you require an incident response, our calm, capable, battle-hardened team will be ready.
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks
  • Inclusive Security Training
  • Access to Security Professionals
  • Easy Security Enablement & Education
Best-in-class solutions

How Seventh Wall Benefits Your Business


Our robust, yet quiet, cybersecurity solution keeps your business running, protecting your productivity at any hour

Data Protection

Utilizing 24/7 backup & EDR monitoring as well as daily backup versions stored off-site, your data is safe from both loss and theft.


With our services, it is exceedingly unlikely that your company will have any cybersecurity issues, but if you do, we are a quick call or email away.

User Training

To this day, 'user actions' are the number ONE way any successful cyber attack takes hold of a business. We help secure your company by including user training and education in our plans.

Cost Savings

Our solutions can return up to 1 hour of productivity to each employee while negating attacks with an average $713,000 payout (Tech Transformers, 2021).

Business Continuity

We will audit your current systems & data stores to determine where & how you could be attacked or crippled. Then, we'll craft & implement a business continuity plan to mitigate this risk.