Computer Management

In an era of swift digitization, a robust and efficient computer is the cornerstone of productivity and employee satisfaction. However, these indispensable tools are often ground zero for cyber threats. At Seventh Wall, we ensure your workstations operate seamlessly while fortified against cyber vulnerabilities, fostering growth and security in your organizational landscape.

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The Seventh Wall Approach


Vigilantly ensuring the optimal health of your computers, our comprehensive monitoring tools notify us of essential maintenance and repairs.
  • Hardware failure alerts
  • Intrusion alerts
  • Daily event monitoring
  • Daily backup monitoring
  • Performance analysis


Equipping every workstation with advanced EDR and backup tools, we consistently monitor your systems, safeguarding your business environment.
  • Managed & monitored EDR software
  • Web content filter
  • Heuristic threat detection
  • Access monitoring
  • Ransomware warranty


Ensuring seamless operations, we manage and update your workstations, addressing issues unobtrusively, keeping your team focused and uninterrupted.
  • Daily event-based fixes
  • Usability reports
  • Planned updates & reboots
  • Mobile device management
  • Desktop optimization


Our dedicated team stands ready to address your concerns promptly, ensuring the continuous flow of your business operations so you can focus on your vision.
  • Remote fixes
  • Data recovery assistance
  • Migration/upgrade help
  • Integrations & connections
  • Personalized support
Best-in-class solutions

How Seventh Wall Benefits Your Business


Enjoy seamless tech and cybersecurity operations, with our team managing the complexities.

Data Protection

Experience unparalleled data safety with military-grade backup encryption and EDR on all devices.


Receive consistent support aimed at removing obstacles and enhancing staff performance.


Meet and maintain compliance standards including HIPAA, DFARS, PCI, and more with our expert assistance.


Create a robust business disaster recovery plan, transforming potential disasters into manageable inconveniences.

White Glove

Navigate technical projects seamlessly with our in-house IT project managers, ensuring smooth and efficient transitions.