To build a great company, you must assemble a great team.

At the heart of our enterprise is a community of compassionate individuals united by mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence. Since our inception in 2004, many of our dedicated team members have joined and stayed, testament to our enduring bond and shared values.

Each member is meticulously selected and proven resilient in the field, contributing not just to the quality of work but significantly amplifying the positive impact on both our internal culture and that of our client firms. Join us in celebrating not just what we do, but how we come together to do it.

Our leadership sets us apart

Seventh Wall’s strong reputation and company culture was realized and maintained by focusing on people first. Because of this focus and culture , whenever there is a job opening at Seventh Wall, we have hundreds of applicants. This means we can give our clients access to the most exceptional sorts of people. Accepting only superb employees and clients is how we keep our culture fun and strong!

Bryant Harrison

Founder & CEO

Tyler Kazar


Christian Mullins

Finance Director

Conor Quinlan


Caring, thoughtful & healthy

The Seventh Wall mission is to encourage mindful living in today’s ultra-busy society. We work to build a culture with our clients, vendors, and employees that is caring, thoughtful and healthy.‍

The Seventh Wall vision is to make tech and cybersecurity as seamless as a utility, including client care and education. 

Jarad Margolis

I worked with Chad, Bryant and team on an installation at a large law firm in Cville last week and these guys are top notch. Readily available and willing to tackle the task at hand – cabling, x-connects, network setup, equipment relocation and more. You will not be disappointed with their work. Thanks guys!

Tom Ashley

The service was very professional, timely and completed with no loose ends. Explanations were very clear. They were also very responsive to recommendations when asked. I would definitely use their services again.

Holly Ellis

These guys are the real deal. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Seventh Wall. It’s not possible. Bryant Harrison, their fearless leader, will see to it that you are happy and satisfied with the services you receive. He’ll address your concerns promptly and work with his team to come up with solutions. Beyond that, he listens really well and will even reflect back on your feelings. I mean, I’m a psychologist, and I think this guy might be better at listening than me. Seriously, it’s in your best interest to give these guys a call, for all of your tech needs.

Kimberly Watters

I cannot praise these folks enough. I use them for my own web hosting and I recommend them to all my clients. Their web services are excellent, their customer service is top notch. Very friendly people and all with a great sense of humor. They ROCK!

Kim Kepchar

Take IT off your worry list. This team is available, or quickly responsive if they have to call you back, and get the problem solved!

Amy Lessley

I love these guys. They always take the time to listen before telling me what to do. This may seem like a small thing, but I really appreciate it. They are very approachable and knowledgeable.

Our best clients have a proactive mindset.

We want to meet business decision makers that care about their team, their clients, and the impact that their business has on the world. Our best clients have a proactive mindset. They don’t need to have the desire to try to learn all about tech and cyber, but they absolutely understand that technology is the level foundation upon which they build their business. They value Seventh Wall because we maintain this foundation.

Seventh Wall as a business lifestyle choice

We supply cyber and IT solutions to businesses as a utility. Clean water is so readily available and ubiquitous that we forget the massive effort it takes to sanitize, store, and move the water that we need to survive as a society. It has become invisible to most of us. Likewise, our clients choose to work with our team because they value this massively proactive, and virtually invisible, approach. Working with us is a lifestyle choice that provides business security and reliability.