Enjoy our unified cyber and IT solution backed by a $2,000,000 ransomware recovery guarantee.

Enjoy our unified cyber and IT solution backed by a $2,000,000 ransomware recovery guarantee.

Cybersecurity is incorporated in everything that we do and it's the foundation from which we build our solutions. From servers to websites to email, you'll see us monitoring and securing at every step.

Cyber Ready
Cyber & Great IT
Cyber & Premium IT
Remediation Labor Coverage
Up to $2 million
Client Care & Support
Guaranteed Response Times
Unlimited Remote IT Support
Unlimited On-site IT Support
And More!
Advanced Cybersecurity Solution
Updates for Computers & Network
Monitored Infrastructure
Microsoft 365 Licenses & Management
And More!
MFA Enablement & Managed EDR
Next-Gen Email Security
Password & SSO Management
Simulated Phishing Attack
Network Pentration Testing
And More!
Malware Resiliance
Computer & Server Backups
Air-Gapped Credential Management
Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Backups
And More!
Consulting & Advisory
Documentation & Procurement Assistance
Tech & Cybersecurity Review Meeting
And More!
User Education & Training
Security Awareness & End User Training

What is Seventh Wall?

In short:
- We augment your current IT department with high-end cybersecurity and maintenance services.
- Or, if you don't have one already, we become your business's IT department.

Seventh Wall is a team of technology and cybersecurity gurus who provide your company with up-time. Calm, quiet up-time. There are six primary categories of protective services that we provide to achieve this quality existence, but there is truly no “magic” in these 6 things.  The tools we use are also used by other Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and some of their customers are anything but calm and quiet. The key that allows us to achieve peace for you and for us, while staying highly profitable with an unlimited labor model, is our seventh protective measure.  
The Seventh Wall.  This is our dedication-factor that is backed up with our $1 or $2 million Ransomware Resilience Warranty.  The Seventh Wall is us… It’s our team. Our clients stay with us for years because of the care and thoughtfulness that we bring to every interaction.  We are Seventh Wall.

What we do:

In short:
- If we are augmenting your existing IT team (or IT guy), we provide managed cybersecurity, backup services, workstation remote management (RMM), patch management, and many more of the tasks that are bogging down your current IT staff.  This frees them to focus on what you hired them for.  Running your critical systems and increasing the productivity of your tools and your team.
- If you don't have an IT department, we handle EVERYTHING to do with IT and Cyber.  It’s just done.  

We highly value peace in our own company and with our clients. Because of this, we offer IT & Cyber plans that abolish the hourly rate in favor of a flat, monthly cost. If you ever call us for a problem, it costs us and not you.  

Information Technology is changing in the world.  It is becoming more like a utility.  You never pay the water company for fixing a busted water main.  You pay your monthly fee and never think, or care, how the clean water comes out of the faucet.  
Why do you pay your tech company to fix the systems they monitor and implement? You should stop doing this!  This is how we approach IT and cyber and it’s changing the way business works.  

How we do it:

Not only do we protect and maintain all your tech, we also train your team to further reduce the chances of hacks, inefficiency, and user error. Here are our 7 walls of protection:

1) Client Care and Support
2) Infrastructure Management
3) Proactive Cybersecurity
4) Reactive Cybersecurity (Malware Resilience)
5) Consulting, Advice, & Long-term Planning
6) Education
7) Our diligent, caring, calm team backed by a million dollar warranty

We have performed ransomware remediation for businesses you have heard about on the news and we work with cyber insurance companies to shore up their clients so that they can get the best ransomware insurance rates. When it comes to technology and cybersecurity, we can help your company achieve a culture of calm.

Who We Are

The Seventh Wall team is dedicated, loving, loyal, trustworthy, creative, intelligent, thoughtful, always-improving, hilarious, witty, accountable, accepting, forgiving, courteous, and perfectly imperfect.

We care about what we do and take it seriously.

Meet the team