Experience the comfort of an IT partnership built on secure, resilient, and beautiful technology.

Together, we create a strong foundation you can trust, backed by a  $2,000,000 Ransomware Resilience WARRANTY.

At Seventh Wall, we offer a comprehensive suite of IT services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure that drives success and peace of mind. Also, our team is just superb! Check out our Google reviews.

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Flexible pricing plans tailored to your business needs

Basic Security
Advanced Security & IT
Premium Security & IT
Client Care & Support
Guaranteed Response Times
Unlimited Remote & On-Site IT Support
Webflow Web Hosting & Security
Microsoft 365 Licenses & Management
Next-Gen Email Security
Password & Single Sign-On Management
Simulated Phishing Attacks
Network Penetration Testing
Consulting & Advisory
Compliance & Audit Guidance
Security Awareness & End User Training
Ransomware Resilience Warranty
Remediation Labor Coverage
Up to $2 Million

The Seventh Wall Difference

Augment or Become Your IT Department

Whether you have an existing IT team that needs support or require a dedicated IT department, we have you covered. Our experts seamlessly integrate with your team or serve as your go-to tech specialists.

Get The Seventh Wall Advantage

Our dedication-factor sets us apart. It's our commitment to exceptional service, personalized care, long-term relationships, and a $1 or $2 million Ransomware Resilience Warranty that ensures peace of mind.

Managed IT Services for Your Business

Support Without Hourly Rates

Our all-inclusive IT and cybersecurity plans offer a flat monthly fee, eliminating hourly rates for a true hassle-free experience. Whenever you need assistance, our team is ready to help without any extra costs.

IT as a Utility

Similar to a public utility, our approach to IT support ensures seamless service without worrying about the details. You can focus on your vision and business while we handle your technology needs in the background.

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How We Do It

Discover the 7 walls of protection that drive our commitment to exceptional IT service:


Client Care & Support

Providing personalized attention to ensure your satisfaction.


Infrastructure Management

Ensuring smooth operation of your entire IT infrastructure.


Proactive Cybersecurity

Implementing security measures to prevent potential threats.


Malware Resilience

Swift response and remediation of security incidents.


Consulting, Advice & Long-Term Planning

Working to align your IT strategy with your business goals.


Ongoing Training & Education

Empowering your team through training and resources to minimize risks.


Our Diligent, Caring, Calm Team

And, you're backed by a million-dollar warranty for your peace of mind.

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Who We Are

The Seventh Wall team is dedicated, loving, loyal, trustworthy, creative, intelligent, thoughtful, always-improving, hilarious, witty, accountable, accepting, forgiving, courteous, and perfectly imperfect.

We care about what we do and take it seriously.

Our Vision & Values