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Rochelle Larson

As the former Firm Administrator for a local law firm, we used this company exclusively for all our computer needs. They developed security programs for our office, tended to all our computer needs and problems and were hugely responsive when we had problems and issues. I wouldn’t use any other company.

Jarad Margolis

I worked with Chad, Bryant and team on an installation at a large law firm in Cville last week and these guys are top notch. Readily available and willing to tackle the task at hand – cabling, x-connects, network setup, equipment relocation and more. You will not be disappointed with their work. Thanks guys!

Tom Ashley

The service was very professional, timely and completed with no loose ends. Explanations were very clear. They were also very responsive to recommendations when asked. I would definitely use their services again.

Seventh Wall offers a comprehensive suite of IT services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure that drives success and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Services

Safeguard your business with advanced cybersecurity solutions and benefit from our $2,000,000 Ransomware Remediation Warranty. We deploy cutting-edge tools and systems to monitor and protect your workstations, servers, networks, and more.

Server Management

Ensure the reliability and security of both your virtual and physical servers with our comprehensive support, maintenance, and hosting solutions. We monitor security issues, patches, and hardware failures, keeping your servers running at peak performance.


Optimize communication and collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integrations. We help you securely manage and monitor these environments, ensuring seamless access to essential business tools.

Device Protection

Keep your workstations operating smoothly with our proactive maintenance and support. Our team ensures your computers stay up-to-date and secure, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Business Networking

Build and maintain fast, reliable, and secure office networks with our expert design and management services. We monitor network performance and security, ensuring your business stays connected and protected.

Web Solutions

Create and maintain a sleek, secure, and functional website that supports your business goals. We work with your team or marketing firm to bring your vision to life and keep your site fast, up-to-date, and secure.

Managed IT Services for Your Business

Support Without the Hourly Rates

Our all-inclusive IT and cybersecurity plans offer a flat monthly fee, eliminating hourly rates for a true hassle-free experience. When you need assistance, our team is ready to help without any surprise costs. 

IT as Seamless as a Utility

Like a public utility, our approach to IT support ensures seamless service without worrying about the details. You can focus on your vision and business while we handle your tech needs in the background.

Augment or Become Your IT Team

Upgrade your IT with us – enhance your team or rely exclusively on our seamless solutions. Count on our commitment to excellence for technology aligned seamlessly with your business goals.

Get the Seventh Wall Advantage

Our dedication-factor sets us apart. A commitment to exceptional service, personalized care, long-term relationships, and a $2 million Ransomware Resilience Warranty that ensures peace of mind.

How We Do It

Dive deep into your cybersecurity stance with Seventh Wall’s comprehensive assessment, guiding you towards a safer digital environment.

Client Care & Support

Providing personalized attention to ensure your satisfaction.

Infrastructure Management

Ensuring smooth operation of your entire IT and web infrastructure.

Proactive Security

Implementing security measures to prevent potential threats.

Malware Resilience

Swift response and remediation of security incidents.

Consulting, Advice & Planning

Working to align your IT strategy with your business goals.

Ongoing Training & Education

Empowering your team through training and resources to minimize risks.

Our Diligent, Caring, USA based Team

Our calm demeanor means a thoughtful solution for any situation. 

What is Your Cybersecurity Credit Score?

Credit scores determine the probability of loan repayment based on your recent payment habits.  Seventh Wall adapted this method to determine your ransomware susceptibility based on your current protection levels. 

Optimal spam filters adeptly sieve out malicious emails while ensuring legitimate communications remain unaffected. Phishing emails, masquerading as genuine communications, remain the predominant initial attack vector for cybercriminals. Effective spam solutions can lead to substantial productivity gains, reducing clutter and associated risks.

Given the primacy of phishing in cyber-attack strategies, continuous awareness and training are indispensable. Even with robust spam countermeasures, there's always a risk of threats bypassing these defenses. Periodic test campaigns serve as invaluable rehearsal, honing your team's discernment without the ramifications of an actual breach.

A firewall, sometimes termed a security gateway or appliance, should be capable of signaling both functional and security-centric events, including crucial software updates. Essentially, envision your network as an extensive digital ecosystem linking various devices; it necessitates the same vigilance as any single computer. It's worth noting that typical ISPs don't extend the level of oversight and governance referenced herein.

The IRP is specifically tailored to address and mitigate the immediate impacts of a cyber intrusion, while the BCP is dedicated to restoring and maintaining operational continuity post-incident. Consider this: should your enterprise IT infrastructure falter unexpectedly, is your organization equipped to persevere? More pointedly, is there an accessible, structured plan in place for your personnel to navigate such crises? An adept IRP aims to constrict the scope and fiscal ramifications of a breach, whereas a BCP serves to safeguard the financial stability and sustainability of the enterprise.

Also labeled as 2FA, this mechanism requires a combination of username, password, and a transient code for authentication. If a breach into any of your platforms would be deemed critical, it's imperative that MFA is operational on said platform. This remains one of the paramount proactive security controls available.


Often referred to as MDR or XDR, it's vital that all enterprise-grade workstations, laptops, and servers integrate this solution. Compliance regulations and cyber insurance stipulations frequently necessitate a robust EDR deployment. Note: An EDR in "detect only mode" will identify threats but requires human intervention for mitigation. If your EDR isn't configured and overseen correctly, please answer "no" to this inquiry.


An immutable backup is a sacrosanct digital repository, impervious to alteration, deletion, or modification. Key data sources, from workstations to cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, need immutable backup mechanisms. Be wary: traditional backup mediums, like external drives, are no longer deemed "immutable" by discerning insurers due to the pervasive threat of ransomware. Authentic backups must be isolated from your primary network and maintain comprehensive versioning capabilities.