Fair-Use Policy

What is "fair-use"?

We offer unlimited support, depending on your chosen plan, which may include remote, on-site, after-hours, and/or website design labor hours.  This labor is here to do 3 things,

  1. Fix problems
  2. Help users
  3. Identify broken software and hardware

This fair-use policy ensures that our labor is used appropriately.

When would this fair-use policy come into play?

There are 5 scenarios where we may raise the fair-use flag.  

  1. A user asks the same question repeatedly, regardless of how much training they have had.  
  2. We identify some broken hardware or software and ask for permission to replace or repair the problematic item. This request is not approved.
  3. The request is for items not included with your support package.
  4. The request is for a project-level issue. For example: Migrating server data to Microsoft 365, setting up a new office in a new location, replacing and reprogramming an aged network, etc. Any request that requires a project manager to get involved to manage all the moving parts.
  5. There is an on-site labor request for a location where we do not have an office.

1) User not trainable:

We would alert you that our time is being used answering the same questions over and over.  We will ask you for advice on how to help the user.  Should the user STILL refuse to follow our how-to document or other instruction, then we will alert you that future requests by this user will be billed separately.  You will have the option to instruct us to not help this user but, instead, to direct their requests back to you.

2) Busted hardware or software:

If an issue keeps happening and the solution is to spend some money to replace/repair some hardware or software, then we will request your approval for funds to do this.  If we are not given approval to fix it and so must keep applying ‘band-aid’, temporary repairs, we will alert you that any future fix-it requests for this specific issue will be billed separately until the permanent fix can be approved and applied.

3) What is included in your package:

Your service plan will have an itemized list of products and services. You can always request to have a copy of your plan sent to you in case you lose it. In short, ANY item not specifically defined by this list is excluded by default.

For example: None of our support packages cover project labor. However, most of our packages include licenses for Microsoft 365. Also, the higher-level packages include robust cybersecurity tools while the more basic package includes managed antivirus and web protection software only.

4) Large requests (AKA: Projects!):

From time-to-time, large IT projects get planned. These projects range from being very simple, and taking no more than a week, to complex and taking many months. If you submit a request, such as:  "We would like to replace all of our old computers for our 25 employees with new, fast laptops!" You may not realize that this will require special planning and complicated execution. Rest assured that we will tell you and make sure your company doesn't come to a screeching halt due to poor planning. Anything requiring a project manager to get involved will be billed out separately from your plan. Plans cover day-to-day up-keep. Projects cover large upgrades and changes.

5) Travel outside of our physical location:

Usually, we can resolve all issues remotely or with 3rd party boots-on-the-ground. However, while it is rare, sometimes we need to fly one of our team members to a client's location. Or they may take a very long drive. We will ask you to approve this travel time and expense before we show up at your door. If your company is within a 2-hour drive from one of our offices, we include on-site labor.