Communication Solutions

It’s not just email anymore. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are complete business data and communications hubs. The need to secure and monitor these virtual environments is greater than ever. We maintain, monitor, backup, and secure these environments so you can work peacefully.


Email, chat, video call, and setup these communications directly from the integrated personal or team calendar.

Contact manager
Chat, phone & video conferencing


Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace include everything you need to make documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

Reminders, notes, appointments & more


Businesses are getting rid of servers and moving all their business files to 365 or Workspace.  You can go totally virtual… or not.  We’ll help either way.

Unlimited cloud file storage
Computer, tablet and phone access and edit
Unlimited users


Some users need access to only some folders or calendars.  Maybe you want your team to be able to work using only their smartphone?  You have control of this.

Bank-level security & 2FA
Manage user access & file/folder permissions
Data archiving & automatic cloud backups
HIPAA & PCI compliant

Best-in-class platforms and software

How your business can benefit:

Email Backup

Email hacker’s first step, before ransoming a company, is to delete all emails and files.  We backup everything every day!

File Storage

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer up to unlimited storage.  You can scale with these tools.


We work with these services every day and our expertise will provide ease and efficiency to you and your team.


We monitor and maintain Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.  This means we look for security risks and unauthorized access and immediately act.

Mobile Access

Whether you use a Mac, a PC, an Android, or an iPhone, it just doesn’t matter.  It all works with whatever you want to use.

White Glove Deployment

Would you like to move your business to the cloud or just migrate old email systems to 365 or Workspace?  Whatever it is, we make it easy.