Hardware failure alerts
Intrusion alerts
Daily event monitoring
Daily backup monitoring


Every single solution we build and support is colored by cybersecurity. Our time spent doing ransomware remediation for insurance companies taught us two valuable lessons. (1) The cost of prevention is orders of magnitude less expensive than fixing a hack and (2) it's not about rocket science... it's about diligence.  Our experience, our proactive efforts, the quality tools that we use, and our superb team, mean we are able to compliment our cybersecurity services with up to a $2,000,000 Ransomware Remediation Warranty.


We deploy tools and systems on your workstations, servers,Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace instances, networks, websites, and more.

Managed & monitored antivirus software
Web content filter
Heuristic threat detection & whitelisting
Access monitoring
Log-file analytics


We monitor our EDR cyber tools, network alerts (IPS & IDS),MFA enablement, email redirects, computer security alerts and much more.  Even the successful installation of software patches.

Managed & monitored antivirus software
Web content filter
Heuristic threat detection & whitelisting
Access monitoring
Log-file analytics


Ransom attacks ALWAYS try to destroy your backups, since if you have backups, you won’t need to pay them to get access to your files.  We monitor the daily backup of every file, email, calendar item, network configuration, etc.

Daily event-based fixes
Monthly scheduled remote maintenance
Planned updates & reboots


We are here to keep things secure and answer questions and, should the worst happen, we have a battle hardened team that knows how to handle tough issues.

Remote fixes
Data recovery assistance
Migration/upgrade help
Cloud-ready solutions

Best-in-class platforms and software

How your business can benefit:


Since 24% of US businesses that get hacked are forced to close (Atlas VPN, 2021), we take cybersecurity very seriously. We protect productivity.

Data Protection

Utilizing 24/7 backup & EDR monitoring as well as daily backup versions stored off-site, your data is safe from both loss and theft.


With our services, it is exceedingly unlikely that your company will have any cybersecurity issues, but if you do, we are a quick call or email away.

User Training

To this day, 'user actions' are the number ONE way any successful cyber attack takes hold of a business. We help secure your company by including user training and education in our plans.

Cost Savings

The average cost of an attack on the small business sector is $713,000 (Tech Transformers, 2021). Our proactive services, that also increase employee productivity, are a no-brainer.

Business Continuity Protection

We will audit your current systems & data stores to determine where & how you could be attacked or crippled. Then, we'll craft & implement a business continuity plan to mitigate this risk.