Computer Management

With a fast, reliable tool, employees feel valued and respected. Also, good tools allow for massive gains in productivity. The single most important tool in offices today is the computer. These workstations are also the place where the majority of all hacks begin. We keep workstations humming and we guard diligently.


We know if your computers are healthy or sick and our tools alert our team to perform maintenance and repair as needed.

Hardware failure alerts
Intrusion alerts
Daily event monitoring
Daily backup monitoring


We supply and monitor high-end cybersecurity EDR and backup tools for every workstation in your business.

Managed & monitored EDR softwareware
Web content filter
Heuristic threat detection with whitelisting
Access monitoring
Ransomware warranty


We keep workstations up-to-date and respond to many workstation glitches from the background, without ever having distract your team with a remote support session.

Daily, event-based fixes
Usability reports
Planned updates & reboots


You can call on our caring team whenever there is an issue, and we’ll make sure it’s quickly resolved.

Remote fixes
Data recovery assistance
Migration/upgrade help
Integration & connection assistance/support

Best-in-class platforms and software

How your business can benefit:


You and your team just get to forget about tech and cybersecurity unless we are calling you with a decision.

Data Protection

With military-grade backup encryption and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) on all devices, your data is safer than ever before.


Good support is about removing roadblocks from your staff so they can perform. Whether fixing or training, this is what we do.


If you have compliance needs such as HIPAA, DFARS, PCI, or something else, we can help and perform any remediation needed.


We will plan, with you, a business disaster recovery plan such that all 911 scenarios go from being debilitating to being just inconvenient.

White Glove Deployment

If you have technical projects, we have in-house IT project managers that will help make a complicated transition silky smooth.