ICE Global Consulting

Case Study
We needed a secure cloud environment for our clinical research software and Seventh Wall has delivered! Not only do they maintain multiple safeguards and backups for our tools, but they also support all our employees with tech issues. We have a distributed workforce, so we needed a company that wasn't bound by geography. Finally, they are just good people. I call and get a person who knows me, my business and cares. I feel like that is a rare thing these days with tech companies. We've worked with them for years, and we plan to work with them for years to come.

—Phil Lemons - Chief Business Officer of ICE Global Consulting, Inc


At its founding, ICE Global Consulting envisioned a future of unprecedented growth, necessitating a robust IT backbone. In this pursuit, Seventh Wall was engaged from the outset to craft an IT infrastructure that was both scalable and resilient, capitalizing on an established rapport with one of ICE’s co-founders.

The Catalyst for Change

ICE Global Consulting embarked on its journey with an imperative for a steadfast technological framework. The pre-existing alliance with Seventh Wall positioned it as the ideal collaborator for creating a solid technical base to fuel ICE’s vision.

The Challenge

ICE recognized early on that advanced and adaptable technology was central to its expansion. The challenge was to scale IT operations effectively while supporting their proprietary software’s evolution, ensuring momentum remained unhindered.

Seventh Wall’s Strategic Solution

Stage One: Ensuring Security

With a paramount emphasis on security, Seventh Wall concentrated its efforts on protecting ICE’s digital assets. Implementing top-tier security protocols and monitoring systems established the first layer of defense for ICE’s burgeoning IT environment.

Stage Two: Streamlining Cloud Management

Seventh Wall took the helm of ICE’s primary cloud platform management to mitigate the complexities of rapid growth. Their stewardship included rigorous monitoring and management, alongside robust immutable backups to protect essential operational data.

Stage Three: Custom Cloud Solution Enhancement

For ICE’s secondary cloud infrastructure, Seventh Wall escalated security measures and system resilience. Customized enhancements, diligent oversight, and strategic backup protocols were deployed to ensure a harmonious balance between operational agility and steadfast reliability.

Results and Future Outlook

The IT framework developed by Seventh Wall for ICE Global Consulting has been instrumental in its market ascent. With an infrastructure marked by precision and reliability, ICE has seen a marked decrease in downtime and service disruptions. The ICE-Seventh Wall partnership stands as a testament to the power of strategic IT solutions to enable swift and sustainable business growth.