To build a great company, assemble a great team.

Seventh Wall has been performing IT services since 2004. Our name was QuickFix until 2022. "Quick Fix" had not described what we do for a long time. We have been operating as a proactive, cybersecurity & IT management company for years.  

Many of our team has been with us since close to this founding date.  They are hand-picked and battle-tested and each of them care about not just the job they do, but also the QUALITY and IMPACT that their work has on our in-house culture and the culture of your firm.  They are up to challenges and enjoy making complicated processes easy and accessible.

All if this lines up with the Mission of Seventh Wall:
To build a culture that is caring, thoughtful and healthy; while also encouraging mindful living and fun in today’s ultra-busy society.

Damian Bailey

Cloud Security Architect

Bryant Harrison

Founder & CEO

Hallie Hegnauer

Project Director

Chris Hewitt

Client Care Specialist

Kreela Moore

Cyber & IT Specialist

Christian Mullins

Director of Finance

Chad Reimold

Network Architect

Brad Robbins

Cyber & IT Specialist

Cameron Thomas

Cyber & IT Specialist

Conor Quinlan