To build a great company, assemble a great team.

We are a company of caring people that value relationships and take pride in the work that we do. Many of our team have been with us since close to our start in 2004. 

They are hand-picked, battle-tested, and each  care about the job they do and the QUALITY and IMPACT that their work has on our in-house culture and the culture of your firm.  

Leadership Team

Bryant Harrison

Founder & CEO

Hallie Hegnauer

Project Director

Christian Mullins

Director of Finance

Conor Quinlan


Because of our culture, whenever there is a job opening at Seventh Wall, we have hundreds of applicants. This means we can give our clients access to the most exceptional sorts of people. Accepting only superb employees and clients is how we keep our culture fun and strong!

Seventh Wall is a Lifestyle Choice

We supply cyber and IT solutions to businesses as a utility. Clean water is so readily available and ubiquitous that we forget the massive effort it takes to sanitize, store, and move the water that we need to survive as a society. It has become invisible to most of us. Likewise, our clients choose to work with our team because they value this massively proactive, and virtually invisible, approach. Working with us is a lifestyle choice that provides business security and reliability.

Caring. Thoughtful. Healthy.

The Seventh Wall mission is to encourage mindful living in today’s ultra-busy society. We work to build a culture with our clients, vendors, and employees that is caring, thoughtful and healthy.

The Seventh Wall vision is to make tech and cybersecurity as seamless as a utility, including client care and education. 

Our Best Clients Have a Proactive Mindset

We want to meet business decision makers that care about their team, their clients, and the impact that their business has on the world. Our best clients have a proactive mindset. They don’t need to have the desire to try to learn all about tech and cyber, but they absolutely understand that technology is the level foundation upon which they build their business. They value Seventh Wall because we maintain this foundation.

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