You need help with your network!

If you already have the people in-house with the knowledge and time to manage your network, all you need is some good hardware. While there are many vendors that sell manageable hardware, a few stand out as superb. 

You need help with spam protection!

Luckily, since most businesses use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for email, these providers have upgrades that include good spam protection. Contact your Microsoft or Google partner and ask about enabling this service. If you do not use one of these two providers, you can run email through a good spam protection service. Just make sure your users understand how to use these tools. 

You need help with phishing!

If you want to do this yourself, contact a company that can not only send the fake emails, but also can offer training and the ability for you to see what users are the most risky for your business and might need some more help.

You need help with a IRP or BCP!

If you are ready to start this process yourself, check out these resources.  You’ll need to provide your email, but you can unsubscribe from the emails they will send you and they will stop.  Both have good templates.   

Your EDR is in good shape

You are protected by MFA!

You've got backups!

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