You need help with EDR!

If even one computer is missing EDR, then your data can be stolen & encrypted. If you want to fix this yourself, here are two solutions we recommend:

You need help with MFA!

MFA is the most critical security measure. If you don’t see how to enable this, contact your software vendor and ask. They will almost certainly show you how to turn this on for a negligible fee or even for free. If you have good backups, then do this as your very next step! It’s the most important thing after backup. If your vendor can’t help you, and you want to solve this yourself, contact Duo and ask if they have an MFA solution that fits your needs. 

You need help with phishing!

If you want to do this yourself, contact a company that can not only send the fake emails, but also can offer training and the ability for you to see what users are the most risky for your business and might need some more help.

You need help with backups!

If you need a backup for a cloud tool like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, try Backupify. If you need backup for your files on a computer, try iDrive. We’ve seen these tools save the day for small businesses! Of course industry tools, like we use, are massively more powerful and have all sorts of alerts and checks. Even the ability to automatically restore backups images to verify the backups are usable! 

Your network is protected!

You are protected from spam!

IRP/BCP is good to go!

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